spending the weekend in arizona gave me the perfect excuse to lie around and read for hours on end. it was perfectly relaxing and i was able to finish reading eat, pray, love. i've wanted to read this book ever since high school when i heard about it, then after i saw the movie, then after i saw this ted talk by elizabeth gilbert (the author), THEN when i found a copy for a dollar at a yard sale...and i finally got around to actually reading/finishing it while in phoenix! 

it was incredible. i had a really hard time only choosing only a few favorite quotes from it for this blog post, but i knew if i got carried away then i would literally re-write the entire book over a bunch of pretty pictures. and i figured it would be better for everyone involved just to read it for themselves..ha, which i highly recommend. 

gilbert is relatable, intelligent and witty as she takes you on her journey of self discovery and search for happiness. it is the perfect summertime book to read if you can't afford to take a trip to italy, india or bali because i literally feel like i just vicariously traveled to all three places. she shares so many invaluable life lessons that i found so reassuring. there are certain principles that i even though i understood where she was coming from, i didn't agree with her, but she makes you feel like it's okay to not agree with her. and there were even more mantras that i did agree with. she reminds you that everyone has importance and potential that is so easy to forget in this crazy world we live in and how vital constant self reflection is, but there is a difference between self reflection and self absorption and the latter will only destroy you. but taking a step back and evaluating your life is a key to maintaining sanity. as well as embracing your individuality. i love love love how she talks about gaining spirituality, learning your worldly perspective, and somehow finding a balance between the two. and that these things can be learned at any age.

i hope at least part of my rant made some sort of sense to you and i hope even if it didn't that you pick up this book that's bound to make a lot more sense (and hopefully be just as life changing as it was for me) than my ramblings :)