not only did all of 2014 fly by, but it seems like new year's came and went just as quickly. so i know i'm a bit late on the reminiscing of 2014 and dreaming/goal setting of 2015...but here i go:

overall 2014 was a pretty great year. i hit some milestones like graduating college, and getting my first real job. plus i had my golden birthday and traveled to london, denmark, australia and a few road trips in between with nicolaus! he spent a lot of the year working at milo and starting to actually study classes in his major. i feel like it was a year filled with risks and growing and stepping out of comfort zones and i like that.

last year, i made these goals, and did pretty well at sticking to most of them. except for the whole posture thing. i'm still pretty horrible about that. ha, i actually forgot that was even a goal...buuut i may not have read precisely one book per month, but i definitely read twelve books so i'll count that. and i may not have figured out an entire life plan, but so far things have fallen into place pretty well i think. i did meditate religiously everyday for a few weeks, but that slowly transitioned to sporadic sessions. which i'm fine with, because i feel like even a tiny bit of practicing meditation helped me be more grateful and in tune with my emotions and better know how i want to live my life.

i did pretty well at eating healthier and exercising more regularly (well that one's in spurts), but i do feel like i've been a bit of a sugar addict my whole life and i think this was the year i got over that! i'm not quite as weird and obsessive over sweets as i once was and now i'm perfectly comfortable with having chocolate in the house without having to eat it all at once. i think my problem stemmed from sweets being devoured so quickly in my house growing up, and now i'm come to learn that i can have sweets in my pantry for as long as i want without nicolaus even knowing or caring that they're there. haha which i'm realizing is all quite embarrassing to admit, as i type it out.

i feel like i still have a long way to go with simplifying my life, but i've come a long way in 2014. particularly in my shopping habits. i feel like the older i get, the better i'm able to refine my taste and know exactly what i like (and will actually wear/use) when it comes to clothing, home goods etc. i've gotten a lot better at easily being able to say no to purchases. which is a very happy path that i'd like to continue on.

i'm excited for 2015 and to see where it takes us! here are a few goals i would like to focus on for the year:

1. health: eat cleaner and remain active. i want to fill my diet with more nutrient-dense, whole, unprocessed foods. and i want to develop and stick to hobbies that will keep me fit and healthy.

2. mental: i want to copy last year's goal and read at least one book a month, just for fun. i also would like to spend more time brushing up on world events and history and geography and a little less time on social media or bad reality tv.

3. creative: i want to develop my skills/knowledge in design, photography and film. i want to do less, but do it better.

4. spiritual: instead of just going through motions, i want to delve deeper into all things pertaining to church and my faith.

5. travel: i would like to go someplace new with nicolaus this year. we have a few spots we regularly road trip to (which i'm not complaining about, because i love those places), but i always like the idea of going somewhere new and different than what i'm used to.

p.s. these photos were taken from my cousin's girlfriend, jesse's, balcony. we spent new year's eve there hanging out and watching the sydney harbour fireworks :)